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Mr. Ivan, The Principal Poet



I busted up my crayons
Colorin' maps and doin' art,
So I keep the pieces in my pocket,
And I think that's pretty smart.

That way they're real handy
When I need them real quick.
I just peek into my pocket
And decide which one to pick.

I use magenta for my homework,
And for science I use green.
But for spelling I need yellow
So my mistakes are hardly seen.

Black is what I use in history
All them men and wars and dates.
I also press down real hard
(It helps to keep things straight!)

Now, blue I save for numbers
'Cuz that is how I feel.
My math grade's always sorta low,
So blue's perfectit's ideal.

I write stories in all colors,
Saving orange for nouns and such.
And brown I use for adverbs
'Cuz I don't understand them much.

My teacher mustn't like my work,
For he only shakes his head.
He takes my colorful papers,
Then he marks them up in RED!

Copyright © 2006 Ivan Kershner, reprinted with permission.

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Article by Ivan Kershner
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