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Principals Who Cant Live Without Technology


Easy access to technology has changed the way school principals work. So what tech tools cant principals live without? High on their lists are handhelds, calendaring tools, data warehouses, and curriculum software that helps boost student test scores.

Its early in the school day and Bonita Henderson is on her way to observe a teachers lesson. She carries the handheld Palm on which she will record her classroom observations. As she moves from classroom to classroom during the day ahead, her Motorola Razr cell phone will keep her in touch with the office. And the Bluetooth wireless earpiece will leave her hands free at all times. Later in the day, she will download her observation notes from her handheld to her office computer

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Have you a favorite technology tool? A tool that you couldnt live without? Perhaps this is a tool that helps you work more efficiently, communicate with parents, improve your schools curriculum, or boost test scores Which tech tool have you come to rely on most? Which is your favorite? Click to join the conversation.

Wired as Henderson appears, she longs for the day when her district will provide her with a Blackberry so she can handle email as she moves from classroom to classroom.

Henderson, an assistant principal at the Parham School in Cincinnati, might have been in education for several decades, but one look at her as she wanders the hallways and you know she is a wired school leader. I may be old school, Henderson told EducationWorld, but Im flexible.

Flexibility is a key trait of any successful school leader, but its even more important at a time when technology changes are happening faster than a principal can text message her secretary.


Easy access to technology has changed the way school principals work. And it is the subject of the latest question we posed to Education Worlds Principal Files team of principals. So what tech tools couldnt our principals live without? Click on the links below to learn what they had to say:

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    Principal Contributors to This Article

    The following members of Education Worlds Principal Files team shared their thoughts about technology in this article.
    • Amy Cole, principal, Cimarron Elementary School, Houston, Texas
    • Joseph D'Amato, principal, Depew (New York) Middle School
    • Larry Davis, principal, OakLeaf K-8 School, Middleburg, Florida
    • Dr. Lolli Haws, principal, Oakridge Elementary School, Arlington, Virginia
    • Bonita Henderson, assistant principal, Parham School, Cincinnati, Ohio
    • Nita H. High, principal, O.P. Earle Elementary School, Landrum, South Carolina
    • Lauren Johnson, principal, Lucy Mae McDonald Elementary School, Ferris, Texas
    • Marie Kostick, principal, Jefferson Davis High School, Montgomery, Alabama
    • Vickie Luchuck, assistant principal, South Harrison Middle School, Lost Creek, West Virginia
    • Tim Messick, principal, Providence Day School, Charlotte, North Carolina
    • Michael D. Miller, principal, Saturn Elementary School, Cocoa, Florida
    • Virginia Strong Newlin, principal, Rock Hall (Maryland) Middle School
    • Jack Noles, principal, Shallowater (Texas) Intermediate School
    • Carol Roebuck, principal, Briarcrest Christian School, Memphis, Tennessee
    • Teri Stokes, principal, Weatherly Heights Elementary, Huntsville, Alabama
    • Steve Whewell, principal, Victory Christian School, Tulsa, Oklahoma
    • Dr. Lee Yeager, principal, S & S Middle School, Sadler, Texas
    • Charlemeine Zemelko, principal, Chicago (Illinois) International Charter School

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