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AASA Launches Internet Discussion Group for Superintendents

The American Association of School Administrators (AASA) has introduced a new e-mail listserve called the SUPER-LIST for school leaders with district-wide responsibilities.

The American Association of School Administrators has launched a new listserve, or e-mail discussion group, to serve the interests and needs of school leaders with district-wide responsibilities. The listserve has been named the SUPER-LIST.

The SUPER-LIST listserve is a topical Internet forum intended primarily for school district superintendents and central-office administrators whose work chiefly deals with system-wide issues.

(A listserve is an e-mail based mailing list for a group of individuals with similar interests. Any e-mail message sent to the listserve address is copied and mass-mailed to the e-mail box of every person subscribed to the list.)

The SUPER-LIST is open to AASA members and non-members, though the association reserves the right to limit participation in the future to AASA members. There is no cost to subscribe.

To subscribe to the SUPER-LIST, address an e-mail message to: [email protected]. Leave the subject line blank and in the body of the message, type the following: subscribe super-list (your full name).

Once a request to subscribe is granted, the sender will receive a welcome message, a basic set of instructions, and rules on listserve etiquette.

In addition to being the list owner, AASA will moderate the SUPER-LIST. This means that AASA reserves the right to set the tone for the listserve, decide who shall be admitted, and ensure participants adhere to the stated purposes. Questions may be directed to Jay P. Goldman, ([email protected]), editor of The School Administrator, who is serving as listserve moderator, with assistance from AASA webmaster Geannie Wells ([email protected]).

AASA will continue to run a separate listserve for AASA members with a particular interest in federal legislative issues related to K-12 education. To learn more about the LEGICORPS listserve, contact Kari Arfstrom ([email protected]).

Article by Gary Hopkins
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