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Sum-Sum-Summer Time!

(Continued from EdWorld At Home)

* Check out Education World’s graded reading lists! Here you’ll find books chosen with the help of our friends at Barnes & Noble for kids entering each grade K-8. Enjoy!
And if you want to check out some reading lists other than ours ...
* Here’s a great article, “Summer Reading Lists Abound on the Web!” that has links to more than a dozen great sources for summer reading lists!

* Feel free to use these wonderful classroom ideas at home with your young writer: “Kids Can W.R.I.T.E. (Write, Revise, Inform, Think, and Edit)”
* Check out our amazing collection of “Every Day Edits,” printable worksheets that can keep your young writer’s grammar and mechanics skills in top form in just minutes a day!

* Do kids enjoy math more when it’s worked out on a gadget? Education World has joined with Texas Instruments to create Calculator Math Lessons. Feel free to adapt these many great ideas for home use!
* Check out lots of other great math ideas at Education World’s Math Subject Center!

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