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What Students Are Googling About Their Teachers

We teachers spend our entire professional lives trying to “figure out” our students in a never-ending quest to give them the best education possible.  Recently, Education World started to wonder what students wanted to really know about their teachers!  Fortunately, due to the wonders of modern technology, Google’s autocomplete suggestions allow us insight into this inquiry…

Bad to the Common Core...

Um, did you mean “can teachers be awesome”?  Because, yes.

Love's labour's lost...

There’s a lot of things teachers never do.  You socializing, hanging out with other adults, or going on vacation.  That first result sounds overly hopeful, but looking at our calendar, the second might just be spot on.  *sheds single tear*

WHY teachers?!

Wow, okay.  We’re not sure the order is quite right with this one, but we’re also not sure which order would be more or less appropriate.  Let’s just say this search seems to come from an innate understanding of the job.

Om nom nom!

If you haven’t had the moment when you see your students in the grocery store, you’re in for a treat – it’s magical.  That look of panic and shock on both of your faces.  Their gaze lowers to your basket, mouth agape, as they blink through dry eyes, trying to comprehend the idea that you, too, require nutrients to sustain life.  You’ll go home, wondering why you were embarrassed by your can of garbanzo beans or that single package of ramen.  It’s no surprise that they might question our dietary needs.

Student-teacher face-off!

You see, it…wait, what? 

Lighting that fire within.

Being educators, we’re not too sure we are proud or nervous about this one.  Is this a thing?  Kudos to the chemistry teachers out there, doing their part to increase student engagement…No.  No, we need context here.

Real World:  P.E.

Okay, clearly there are some physical education programs out there that are wayyyyy cooler than the ones we had as kids.  Is this a co-teaching scenario, because if that’s not a reality TV show in the works, it should be. 

Bitter about glitter?

Go easy on that haterade, art teachers.  Glitter is the fairy dust of the craft world.  Sure, we’re still scraping off desks from the ’78 Valentine’s Day cards “incident”, but isn’t life better b’dazzled?

Not to leave out administrators...

School administrators need to boost their sticker collections apparently. Any good stickers out there? Share in the comments and let us know what you think of this article!


Written by Keith Lambert, Education World Contributor.

Lambert is a certified English / Language arts teacher and teacher trainer in Connecticut.