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Tips for Keeping Cool in the Classroom

As the temperature rises during the final weeks before summer break, it becomes increasingly hard to stay cool in the classroom and in turn hard to stay focused. Research shows keeping kids focused before summer break has big implications for what they remember when they return, so uses these tips to stay cool.



Minimize Using Lights

Lights are heat-inducing, so keep the lights off whenever possible. In addition, you and your classroom will be helping the environment as well.

Cooling Breaks

Studies show that small breaks in-between instruction helps students retain information better, so take advantage of this by using small breaks to cool down. Let students cool down with a misting fan, electric fans, or even ice packs if possible.

Avoid Movement

During the warmest parts of the day, such as noon, avoid doing projects and playing games until later in the afternoon when the sun is less aggressive.

Utilize the Computer Lab

The temperature-controlled environment of the computer lab, if your school has one, means it's the coolest place in school. You might have to fight other teachers for the time, but winning the battle is definitely worth it in the upcoming hot weeks. If you don't have a computer lab, but host a variety of technology in your classroom, the next tip is important for you.

Switch Unused Electronics Off

Make sure all unused electronics that live in the classroom are turned off so that extra heat is not created, since electronics will generate heat while on or in stand-by mode.

Invest In Fans

Since you're reading these tips, chances are your classroom isn't equipped with air conditioning, or it is and it just doesn't cut it. Invest in fans, and do so early before prices spike as demand increases. According to, four electronic fans usually do the trick for the average classroom size. 


Compiled by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor