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Let the Summer Fun Begin!

When the school year ends, that means Summer Camp season has arrived!  S&S Worldwide has gathered some activity ideas and tips from Summer Camp veterans and compiled them into this one, handy Summer Camp Guide. From Tie Die 101, to a checklist of “must haves” for counselors, we have something for everyone. S&S knows how important Summer Camp is to all the campers, counselors, directors and parents, so they wanted to help everyone have the best summer possible! Enjoy the guide and have a wonderful summer!

6 Theme Ideas
Themed activities are an important part of Summer Camp. The list below will help with inspiration as you plan your themes this year. Find 10+ activity ideas for each theme!

1. Outer Space & Galaxy Themes
Explore the galaxies during your summer camp program and bring the excitement level of campers to infinity and beyond!  Make galaxy slime, fun alien creatures from Mars, rocket ship frames, telescopes, and more.

2. Wildlife & Jungle Safari Themes
If you are planning a Wild Animal, Jungle, or Safari theme for your summer camp, make sure you make it extrordinary for your campers! From dramatic play to jingle themed shadow drawing, your group will love celebrating this

Get 4 more themes in the full guide!

6 Timeless Icebreakers for Summer Camp
The start of camp is always the hardest because everything is new. Icebreaker activities can help the initial anxiety melt away and have positive effects on a student’s interpersonal skills, character, and self-efficacy. Get 6 icebreaker ideas to make campers and counselors feel more comfortable when you download the full 36 page Summer Camp Guide! 

Download Summer Camp Guide from our sponsor, S&S Worldwide!