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Seven Activities for National Courtesy Month

This month is National Courtesy Month! Take time throughout September to teach students about having good manners and about being courteous in and out of the classroom. 

What is courtesy? Being courteous is showing politeness when it comes to one's attitude or behavior towards others, otherwise known as manners. Courtesy is practicing polite language, actions, and other acts that will make others feel respected. 

EducationWorld has curated a list of seven activities to teach courtesy in the classroom. 

  1. That's So Rude! 10 Rules of Common Courtesy: Provided by Human Relations Media, teachers can rent this educational video instructing students how to be courteous and present good manners. The video, narrated by a teen, goes through different scenarios, such as running into a friend's parents at the mall, and provides helpful tips. The video can be rented and live streamed to any device for $9.95. 
  2. Role Playing: Role playing is a great way to get students right in the middle of situations where they need to think on their toes. Pair students up and give them a situation, such as someone dropping their books, or meeting a parent for the first time. Then, together, have them act out these roles and reflect on if they presented good manners or not. 
  3. Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf by Judy Sierra: For the younger crowd, this book follows B.B. Wolf and his experience of being invited to his first tea party. With the help of his friend, B.B. Wolf will learn manners, and come up with a catchy tune to remember some rules. This book is good for younger students who are just learning how to have good manners. 
  4. Captain, May I?: Get students together and instruct them to do small actions, such as touching their nose or hopping on one foot. The key rule of he game, however, is to ask the leader, "Captain, may I?" before performing anytask. If the player does the action without asking, they are out of the game. This will teach them good manners and to ask permission before performing actions. 
  5. Dear Miss Perfect: A Beast's Guide to Proper Behavior by Sandra Dutton: Join students and follow Miss Perfect as she teaches readers and characters the proper way to behave. Perfect for the younger students who are looking for a good laugh, and can learn in the process. 
  6. Rules: Write on the board or a separate sheet of paper rules of being courteous, and keep it in the classroom throughout the year. Ask students what it takes to have good manners, and generate a classroom list. Rules be ones such as  "always say please" or "cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze." Students can see the poster all year and remember these helpful tips. 
  7. Manners Can Be Fun by Munro Leaf: With this book, students can learn the proper rules of ettiquete through fun and entertaining storylines and characters. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor