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4 Ways Teachers are Using Post-Its in the Classroompost it ideas in classroom

As you prepare your classroom for the new school year, you may be looking for some simple and cost-effective solutions for organization and classroom management. Teachers can use everyday materials to create lesson plans and even set goals for your students. Our friends at S&S Worldwide have shared a few non-traditional ways that teachers are using Post-it notes in their classroom. These ideas can be used and modified for any grade level, from elementary school to high school. This fourth grade teacher created a bulletin board for her classroom, where each student writes their goals on a Post-it note. This board is a great reminder each time they enter the classroom and allows students to grow and progress throughout the year.

Discover 3 additional ways you can use Post-it notes for your classroom or educational program, including a DIY lesson plan book, building a data wall, and creating math journals.

Read the full article here on 4 Really Cool Ways Teachers Use Post-it Notes in the Classroom on the S&S Worldwide blog.