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Happy America Recycles Day!

November 15 is America Recycles Day, an entire day dedicated to educate and motivate people around the country about the benefits of recycling and reducing waste in the environment. 

America Recycles Day's official website not only offers a number of flyers, posters, and banners, but also gives users the opportunity to pledge to go green and "give your garbage another life." Teachers can start America Recycles Day by having their students take the pledge on the website, or make their own pledge in the classroom to hang up all year round.

Education World has gathered a list of resources for teachers to use for America Recycles Day including lesson plans, crafts, activities, games, and more.


Five Lessons Teach Students To Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

Education World offers teachers five lessons to teach their students about trash and recycling. Here are two: 

  • Catalog Necklace: Here, students can make their own funky necklaces out of reusable newspaper, magazines, wrapping paper, and more. 
  • The Recycle Games: Teachers can bring exercise into the mix while teaching their students how to sort trash for recycling through a relay race. 


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with BrainPOP: 

BrainPOP has a number of lesson plans that teachers can use when it comes to teaching their students the benefits of recycling:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Activities for Kids: This page offers a number of activities teachers can use in their K-3 classroom, including an activity called "Trash for a Day." In this activity, students must keep their trash in a bag, and at the end of the day, students can realize how much waste they produce in one day. 
  • ​Natural Resource Activities for Kids: This page offers teachers activities K-3 students can participate in when it comes to natural resources. One activity, "What Comes From Trees?", students will learn that chewing gum, hair spray, and show polish come from trees. They will continue to be surprised when they discover what trees do for the environment, and learn about their importance in our survival. 


World of Recycle:

In this activity provided by Education World, students will visit the virtual world of Recycle City, and participate in a scavenger hunt. Here, students will learn about what can and cannot be recycled, and think about what they can do to protect the environment. 


Teachers can also visit here for a number of lesson plans for teaching about the Earth, recycling, trash, and more. 


Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor