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Five Resources for Teaching About the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is coming up, and teachers will want to find ways to make this event part of their curriculum. Educators can use art, mathematics, geography, social studies, and more to teach their students about football and the Super Bowl. 

Education World has gathered a list of five resources and lesson plans for teachers to use during the Super Bowl. 

  1. The New York Times: 5 Ways to Teach the Super Bowl: Although created in 2013, teachers can find this resource useful. The article includes history lessons, language arts, media studies, science, and math. Here are a few examples:
  1. Education World: Super Bowl Blitz: Football Related Activities for Fans of All Ages: In this article, teachers can access lesson plans including topics in geography, language arts, math, trivia, and more. Here are a few examples:
  • History -- Super Bowl Trivia: Your students can match wits with the computer and exercise their searching skills when they take on these Super Bowl trivia quizzes:
  • Math -- Creating a Chart: How do the two teams in this year's Super Bowl look on paper? Review the rosters of the two teams on the NFL Teams Web page. Students might work in groups to determine what can be learned about a team from its roster. Some possible questions might include.
    • How many quarterbacks are on the team?
    • Which player weighs the most?
    • Which player weighs the least?
    • Who is the tallest player?
    • Who is the shortest player?
    • Who has the most experience? (0 indicates a "rookie" player)
    • How many rookies are on the team?
    • Who is the oldest player on the team?
    • What is the average age of players on the team?
    • How many injured players are on the team?
    • Who is the kicker on the team?
    • Who punts for the team?
  1. Learn NC: Football Math: In this lesson plan, students will learn to "add positive and negative numbers using a football game. Teachers will need: 
  • A number line
  • Drawing of a football field
  • Scoring in a football game: 6 points for a touchdown and 3 points for a field goal
  1. TeachHub: Top 12 Super Bowl Activities for the Classroom: This article offers lesson plans and activities for teachers to use to teach about the Super Bowl. Here are a few examples: 
  • Football Measurements: For students learning measurements, this is a great chance to practice. For example, a first down is ten yards. The football field is 100 yards (plus the end zones). An easy field goal might be 20-30 yards. A hard field goal is 50 yards. Have students practice converting these numbers into feet or even into meters.
  • Sports Drinks & Nutrition Lesson: Many teams drink a sports drink like Gatorade during the game. For students learning about nutrition or the human body, this is an opportunity to do a little science. Why would players drink these sports drinks instead of water? Is there a difference between different brand name sports drinks – for example, Gatorade and Powerade?
  1. National Science Foundation: Science of NFL Football: With these videos, students will be able to watch science-aligned videos about football. Science of NFL Football is an "informative, 10-part video series that explores the science the science behind America's most beloved sport." Here's an example of one video, "Vectors":

Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor