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10 Ways to Use Painters Tape in Your Classroom

We're sure you've used painter's tape at home before. Most of us use them to mask off areas we don’t want to be painted during a home reno project. But can you use painter's tape to improve the classroom to enhance learning? Certainly. Try these creative ideas with tape to change things up and keep kids excited to come to class. 

1. Divide Whiteboard Sections

As a teacher, you want to keep everything in your classroom organized, especially a well-organized whiteboard. This can really help when you handle complex subjects like grammar, or you want a clear space for writing homework assignments and announcements. 

Painter's tape works really well for this, and it won't ruin your board. You can divide your whiteboard into several smaller sections and even include a space for students to write notes to you.

2. Create a Teacher’s Zone

Did you know you can use painter's tape to mark off specific divisions in your classroom? Themed tape works great for this. And since it's removable, you can change the layout each year. You can also try marking off a personal area for your desk to help kids understand how to respect your "space." If you use large tables instead of individual desks, mark off the students' personal table space. 

3. Play the Balance Beam

This is such a fun brain-break activity. With the tape, create straight, zig-zagged, or curved lines. Invite the kids to walk along them in different ways. They can walk sideways, backward, tiptoe or do the grapevine. The idea? Let them learn some balancing skills in a fun way.

4. Line Up By the Door

Elementary and kindergarten teachers can creatively organize their student lines using simple tape designs. Even when you have a line order, it can be tough for elementary students to learn how to line up quickly and quietly.

Use painter's tape to demarcate lines for students to stand on. You can also label the tape with student names if you plan to keep your line order the same for a bit. If you're handling multiple classes in the gym for an assembly, assign a line for each class to sit on.

5. Hop the Number Line

Skip counting can be a tricky concept for kids to grasp. Use painter's tape to create a number line on the floor. Let kids take turns skipping along the line to add or subtract numbers with you!

6. Musical Chairs

Use blue tape to make X marks on the floor. Start some music and let the kids dance around. When the music stops, let each kid struggle to find an X to stand on. Those who fail to find it fast enough have to sit down. Let the game of musical chairs play until you have the last child standing!

7. Create a Spider's Web or Maze

Create patterned mazes on the floor with tape. Inside the maze, you could create a spider web and lay down foam letters. Have them roll balls or bean bags along the maze, and teach them about each letter as they get there. 

8. Fishing Game

Use painter's tape to create a "pond" on the floor. You can laminate small fish cut-outs and attach a magnet to them. On the fish, you could write letters, numbers, songs, or other elements of your lesson plan. Using a wooden dowel, string, and a paperclip, create a simple fishing rod.

Let the kids take turns fishing in the pond for a fish to make your lesson more interactive. Alternatively, they can solve a math puzzle and fish for answers.

9. Painting Activity

Help special needs children with low motor skills create stimulating art. On a simple foam board, use painter's tape to create patterns. The kids can paint or color with markers on the board's surface. Allow it to dry completely before removing the painter’s tape, and voila! You have a beautiful painting you can send home with them. 

10. Teach Cutting Skills

Use painter's tape to teach your kids how to cut on a line. Put painter's tape along a shape, then instruct the kids to cut along the line. The exercise is particularly effective since the tape’s thickness makes cutting easier. And brightly colored tape is an excellent visual. Since cardstock is more expensive, the tape is an excellent medium to thicken paper and teach kids cutting control.

Use the painter's tape creatively and make your class come alive. Try one of these ideas and let us know how it goes!

Written by John O. Ndar
Education World Contributor
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