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10 of the Best Bathroom Passes of All Time

A bathroom pass is a crucial tool in many institutions, and while many campuses are going digital, a good ole' fashioned bathroom pass makes life easy. 

A bathroom pass typically consists of a simple card or tag that the teacher gives a student when granting permission to leave the classroom. If a student is stopped while out of class, they can show their pass, allowing them to continue to their final destination. Once the task is finished, the pass is returned to the teacher or thrown away.

Bathroom passes come in many forms and designs. But we prefer creative passes, humorous objects that accomplish specific purposes. Here are ten smashing bathroom passes you'll come across in schools.

1. Toilet Seat Bathroom Pass

Can you think of a more outlandish bathroom pass idea than a toilet seat? I sure can't!

Consider the toilet seat pass. It's an effective deterrent for hallway wandering as it is larger than a slip of paper and may even deter habitual bathroom users from going every day. Middle schoolers would for sure be embarrassed to be seen with a shabby toilet seat.

With such a large and blank canvas, teachers can use the space to write their classroom number and an encouraging message or two. 

2. The Flip-Flop Pass

flip-flop hall pass is a cheap and inventive way to identify bathroom goers. All you need is a flip-flop or two and some string or twine. Tie the string around the toe slide to create a fashionable pass students won't set down or lose while they are away from the classroom.

3. The Plunger

The plunger is yet another humorous bathroom pass. Undoubtedly, the designers sought to make everyone chuckle at every point of the bathroom process.

The plunger gives a playful twist on the traditional bathroom pass; it adds a touch of light-heartedness to the classroom environment; just be sure no one actually uses the plunger while taking care of business.

4. The Rubber Duck Pass

Can you imagine a whimsical, quirky bathroom pass that younger students love? The rubber duck answers that; it has a playful, fun design that is iconic to any child. Some believe the pass eases children's anxiety when asking to use the restroom during class time. 

5. The Hand Sanitizer Pass  

We all know kids often rush to the bathroom and saunter right out without washing their hands. Since you can't monitor the situation, what's next? The answer might lie in the hand sanitizer pass.

Allowing your students to handle a bottle of hand sanitizer increases your chance that they might actually use it to clean their hands. That's a win in my book!

6. Clip Hall Pass

The clip hall pass is an excellent addition to the bathroom pass concept. Many teachers have discovered the clips work exceptionally well for their students. As a bonus, the clip keeps the passes clean since you can teach the kids to avoid dirty surfaces. 

To add a creative element to the idea, you can put the clips on a ribbon and attach them to the wall or other surface, perfect for quick access on the way out of the classroom.

7. The Great Pumpkin Pass

The great pumpkin pass is just that, a huge pumpkin hall pass. You need to label it clearly, and voila! You have your pass.

You may choose to update your hall pass with each major holiday or season, keeping your students on their toes with your next outrageous bathroom pass.

8. The Traffic Cone Pass

There's also the traffic cone bathroom pass. It's a bright, eye-catching bathroom pass that teachers and students can easily spot from across campus. The pass comes in fluorescent orange or yellow colors that resemble a work zone. This playful, unique alternative to traditional bathroom passes adds fun to the usual classroom environment.

9. Subject-Specific Bathroom Pass

Utilize your specific subject to craft your bathroom pass; this idea works best in middle and high school, where students move classrooms to attend different subjects. Our favorite subject-specific bathroom passes are below:

10. A Lifesize Pencil Pass

Finally, ingenious teachers have cleverly designed a life-sized pencil bathroom pass. Campus monitors won't miss students carrying a massive pencil to and from the bathroom, and you are sure not to lose the bathroom pass in your classroom chaos.

Written by John O. Ndar
Education World Contributor
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