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Lunar Image - NASA
Quick Links to Info and Images
Do you know: Where the Moon's glow comes from? How long a lunar month is? What the phases of the moon are? How the moon effects the ocean tides on Earth? Answer these questions and more with information from these links.

Asteroid from Hubble
Quick Links to Info and Images

Take your students on a virtual visit to NASA to investigate what stars are made of. Plan stargazing trips using the monthly skycharts and map the mythology of the celestial heavens.

Saturn NASA
Quick Links to Info and Images

There is a great wealth of images of our solar system from NASA and other resources on the Internet. Students can use information from these sites to compare conditions on different planets and maybe even plan an interplanetary trip! Quite a vacation!

Did you ever wonder...
How much you weigh on Pluto? Use the Exploratorium computers
How big space is? Follow this Exploratorium exercise
What's the weather on Mars? Check the daily Martian weather report
How to describe the Universe? A Cyber Center lesson plan
Don't Know? - Ask an Astronaut This EW review will tell you how
A few more stimulating sites...
Amazing Space Plenty of web-based activities
Windows to the Universe Earth and Space info for all levels
Spacey Things to Make Asteroid Potatoes - YUM!
NASA Projects and Games Check out the coloring pages!


Sites to See: Space Science
Space Science sites offer lesson plans, interactive activities, the latest news on space exploration and research, updates on current missions, and spectacular photos and videos for teaching and learning about space.