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School Website Builder: 5 Tips to Build a Modern School Website that Parents Love!

Don’t believe everything you read or hear about building websites. With the right software, and a little bit of internet knowledge, you can build an effective and useful school website. In fact, with the Skookii School Website Builder, you can put your school online so students and parents can stay up-to-date on activities planned at your school. Here are 5 tips on how to build the best school website.

1– The KISS Rule

There is no need to reinvent the wheel when you put together a website. With the Skookii School Website Builder you have access to many different templates. Templates take the work out of the task and get your school website online faster. Plus, with the award-winning templates available, your online space can easily become the best charter school website in the district. The templates are not complicated and include all the elements a regular K-12 school would require. Just browse through the selection and pick the one that best fits your needs. We believe in keeping things simple and building a school website with Skookii couldn’t be easier.

2– Payment Platform

Has your school had difficulty in collecting school fees from parents? Having students take notes home as reminders are only effective provided parents receive the notes and respond. Why not make it easy on them but including a secure online payment platform? Your current website program can’t do that? Well, the Skookii School Website Builder includes such an option. In fact, the platform we use is extensive. It will give your school business manager an online tool to collect payments and will manage the entire process. The online payment program will make yours the best rural school website in the region and your bank account will be full.

3– Connect With Parents

A good school website reaches out to parents. It keeps them connected to the activities taking place at the educational institute that their child or children attend. An effective school website also gives them information on academic and extra-curricular functions. The best school website also gives parents the online tools they require to communicate, participate and regulate what level of involvement they will have in the educational process. No two parents or family units are the same but the Skookii School Website Builder gives access to all parents so they can have input as well as keep fee payments current throughout the school year.

4– Professional Back Up

One of the challenges of building the best charter school website is that once you use an online website builder program, there isn’t a lot of extra support. This puts your school website at risk of being hacked or left unsecure. With the Skookii Website Builder your school receives IT support specific to your needs. In other words, extra features that would be costly anywhere else. They include high-standard security, unlimited hosting, internet compliant website elements and infrastructure that are enterprise grade. The professional, big business websites don’t have all of this and those that do spend big bucks on the extras. It’s all-inclusive with Skookii.

5– Affordable All-In-One

So, what do you think it would cost for you to build the best school website in your school district? If you guessed in the thousands of dollars you would be way off base. Just think about this for a moment. The Skookii School Website Builder includes templates, a payment platform, tools for parents, a complete IT department and is still easy enough to work with that anyone on your staff can put together your website and have it operational in no time. That has got to cost a bundle, right? Well, as it turns out, the Skookii system is as affordable as we said it was. The entire package costs just $120 per year. Nothing more.

Why You Need The Best School Website

Nowadays the internet is where most of us do business, communicate and find information. It only makes sense that schools would turn to the worldwide web to connect with both students and parents. If you have a smartphone, you can now follow your child’s school and be in-the-know about whatever is taking place as part of the school activity calendar. Plus, if you already do your banking online from a desktop, laptop or handheld device, keeping school fees up-to-date is that much easier. With the Skookii School Website Builder parents can schedule monthly, quarterly or one time payments to cover school fees such a lunches and school supplies.

Skookii Puts Your School In Touch With The World

Does your school have something special about it that is worth bragging about? With a secure and easy to build website your staff can update information quickly and easily. And if your school has something significant to show off, the internet will help get that word out so that all other schools in your region, country and around the world will be aware of your championship wins, scholarship programs or other important event or celebration. It is far easier to spread the word about good news coming from your school when you have one of the best school websites in the world. With the Skookii School Website Builder you will have just that.

Sound Interesting?

If your school is going to go to the trouble of building a website, why not make it a spectacular all-in-one website that showcases your school achievements, gives parents the information they need, allows for regular communication and collects school fee payments? We are convinced that once you try the Skookii School Website Builder you will never go back to the system you were using. If this is your first-ever website, our school website builder will make the job so easy you’ll wonder why your school put it off for as long as they did. For more information on the Skookii School Website Builder contact us today.

This sponsored article was written by Skookii.