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Discover the Future of Handwriting!

Learning Without Tears Group

Learning Without Tears™ was founded in 1977 by Jan Z. Olsen, an occupational therapist. Understanding classroom challenges, Jan collaborated with teachers, OTs, and administrators to build the three programs that comprise the Learning Without Tears curricula: Get Set for School® for kindergarten readiness, Handwriting Without Tears® for K–5, and Keyboarding Without Tears® for K–5. The award-winning programs are research-based and feature developmentally appropriate, multisensory tools, products, and teaching strategies that make learning fun and teaching easy.

Learning Without Tears™ is now revealing brand new editions of all of our teacher’s guides, student workbooks and journals from Handwriting Without Tears— plus a new grade level for transitional kindergarten to evolve with changing classroom stands. Our new editions also include a revolutionary new way to teach handwriting in the digital age.

In addition, we have created new Building Writers workbooks as a supplement to your writing instruction in the classroom. Here’s what you can expect to find with our new offerings:


New Workbooks and Teacher’s Guides

  • Multimedia options for each lesson
  • More writing activities!
  • New, more intuitive teaching guidelines and lesson plan design


Building Writers student workbooks (grades K–5)

  • Provides structured practice to build core writing skills
  • Uses a developmental approach


Writing Journals (grades K–5)

  • Offers opportunity for developing independent writing skills
  • Provides line spacing that matches workbooks for consistent instruction


New grade level: Transitional Kindergarten

  • Bridges Pre-K and kindergarten by introducing capital and lowercase letter formation
  • Provides developmentally appropriate activities, and fine motor skills development
  • Gives differentiated instruction and cross-curricular activities



Handwriting Re-imagined


HITT: The Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool

We’ve re-imagined handwriting instruction to align with evolving digital classroom trends. HITT is a one-stop, digital teaching platform for presenting handwriting instruction. Manage all of your handwriting lessons plans while reducing prep time with ready-to-teach lessons right from electronic student workbooks. Need a more specific lesson? HITT is flexible, so you can adjust the ready-made presentations to fit your unique classroom needs. Features of HITT include:

  • One stop shop teaching tool for any interactive whiteboard or projector
  • Includes digital workbook and teacher’s guide
  • Multimedia options for teaching for each lesson: digital letter and number formations, teacher-favorite animations, music, instructional videos
  • Access to fun cross-curricular connections, supplemental lessons, and downloads
  • Designed for no prep classroom instruction
  • User-friendly platform makes teaching easy
  • Engages different learning styles in the classroom


This sponsored article was written by Learning Without Tears™.