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Tying Read Alouds to Standards
This list of suggested activities and strategies will help you make every read aloud count, and assure your principal that you are focused on meeting standards.

Glimpses Into Read-Aloud Classrooms
Merely inviting students to contribute verbally when you read aloud to them isnt enough. Take it to a higher level with analytical talk.

A Shared Experience: The Key to Effective Read Alouds
Id like to suggest that teachers create a read-aloud environment thats a combination of enticing entertainment, skillful modeling of comprehension and thinking strategies, and just plan fun.

Mr. Cover's Class Reviews: A "Real World" Application for Reading
In response to his students' lack of enthusiasm for and skill with nonfiction, reading teacher Millard Cover introduced "Mr. Cover's Class Reviews," a project in which students become product testers and reviewers and publish their findings online.

Stanley the Christmas Tree Has Lessons for All Seasons
Stanley the evergreen has one wish: to be the centerpiece of a family’s Christmas celebration. While other trees sneer at him, Stanley never gives up his dream. The story Stanley the Christmas Tree reminds children to dream big and never lose hope.

Using Old Newspapers to Teach History
Few people think of todays newspapers as tomorrows history books. But two history teachers have compiled reproductions of newspapers front pages to help students get a snapshot of events as they were reported.

The Kittens Who Colored My World
“…I think everybody poops, while something we should certainly all remember as a piece of undeniable truth, should not be considered the basis of a work of imaginative fiction... My favorite book as a small child, hands down, was The Color Kittens. Nothing else came close.”

The Wonderful World of Words 
Incidental vocabulary learning requires support every day of the school year, even when you intentionally teach selected new words as well. The surest way to include incidental learning is to plan for it.

The Hidden Side of Strategic Vocabulary Instruction
Using only direct instruction to teach vocabulary can over¬whelm you as a teacher and be too shallow an approach for students.

Top Teacher Ties History to Current Events 
By tying the lessons of history to the issues of the day, Deirdra Grode, a seventh-and eighth-grade social studies and language arts teacher at Hoboken Charter School in Hoboken, New Jersey, is teaching her students to be analytical and socially aware.


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