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How's Back-to-School Going? Educators Take to Social Media to Inspire

For most, the school year is back in full force. Educators across the web take to social media to reflect on how it's going and to inspire fellow peers.

Back-to-School Professional Advice

Veteran educator and active social media user John Tomsett gives peers some words of wisdom- or the Ten Commandments of teaching if you will- through his Twitter account, @JohnTomsett.

Stand-out advice he gives is to pay close attention to students' literacy and to create fluid lessons that can change course based on student engagement.

See his full list here

Teachers' Flash Mob "Les Miserables" Back-to-School Parody

A group of teachers in one Iowa school have made back-to-school hilarious with a flash mob back-to-school rendition of 'Les Miserables.'

The teachers used humor to discuss the joys and headaches behind back-to-school preparation, singing:

"One more day before we start!/Do I join her for PD?/ Learning targets bring you freedom/ Do I join their PLC?/Common assessments shall be made/ Formative or summative?"

Read more and see the full video

Back-to-School Tech Tips

As preparations begin for a new school year, it is important to think intentionally about the ways in which you will use instructional technology to support student learning.
These edtech tips are designed to get new teachers started with purposeful implementation of digital tools in their classrooms to transform learning experiences.

Read the full list of tips

Resolve to Have a Better Year

Our parent company, S&S Worldwide had a great giveaway in July and August. Teachers were asked about their New School Year Resolutions. Even though the giveaway is over, the encouraging words from other educators are inspiring to read.

And For Some Fun- The Back-to-School Test

Find out "what kind of back-to-school" teacher you are by taking a fun test from The Guardian. The "test" asks you five different questions about your back-to-school style in order to determine what kind of back-to-school teacher you are; options include Miss/Mrs/Mr organized and back-to-school worrier. Find out which one you are here




Compiled by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor