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How Schools Are Celebrating Arts in Education Week

This week marked the fifth anniversary of the National Arts in Education Week. The week is dedicated to celebrating the arts in education, an especially important endeavor these days as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) efforts typically crowd the spotlight.

The National PTA's Daily Activities for Arts in Ed Week

In order to honor arts in education, the National PTA took to Twitter this week to provide its followers with a daily activity designed to pay homage to the arts.

Today's activity, for example, is celebrating photography and the visual arts by encouraging teachers to showcase student work.


The ArtsMeets National Events Calendar

Arts organizations nationwide registered with Americans for the Arts in order to share information about different events happening throughout the week.

Such events included gallery exhibits, webinars, presentations, art in the park, art education happy hours, and so much more. See the full list and get ideas for your own celebration of the arts here

Inspire Creativity by Encouraging the Arts

This brief video shows children sharing how and why art education inspires them to highlight the importance of fostering art education. Many of those who celebrated the arts this week shared this video as a reminder of the impact art has on young minds.

Twitter Chats

Many different organizations opted to host Twitter chats that ran for an hour at a time to allow for participants to discuss the benefits of art education as well as to share ideas and resources concerning the arts. As a result, many people across the country chatted about art's importance.

Officials Hopped on Board

Though National Arts in Education Week is recognized nationally, some states have yet to declare it official.

This year, other states hopped on board, such as North Carolina.

This year, Governor Pat McCrory "has proclaimed the week of Sept. 13 – 19, 2015 as Arts in Education Week in North Carolina. This is the first time Arts in Education Week has officially been recognized in North Carolina. The proclamation is part of the National Arts in Education Week organized by Americans for the Arts," said The Stanly News & Press.

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Compiled by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor