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Host a School-Wide Celebration of Your School's Nurse

In honor of National School Nurse Day as part of National Nurse's Week, celebrate your school nurse using this list of suggested ideas Education World has compiled for you.

1. Video Project

In the Wise County Public Schools in Wise, Virginia, they involved the whole school in making a fun music video in honor and appreciation of its school nurses. Watch "Nurse, Nurse Baby" and, if you're feeling up to the challenge, see if your school can compete by getting everyone involved and making a video tribute as well.

2. Decorate the Nurse's Office

Have everyone pitch in and help give your school nurse or nurses a warm welcome on National School Nurse Day by decorating his or her door. Using rolled paper, cover the office door and then let everyone get together to decide how to decorate.

Some ideas include using colorful and different styled band-aids to spell Thank You. Chances are, there's a band-aid style out there that will represent a favorite thing of the Nurse, like Mickey Mouse, for instance.

Or, you could let kids and parents type-out and print positive experiences with the school nurse and paste them onto the door decoration with construction paper frames. 

3. Distribute the NASN's Proclamation

The National Association of School Nurses has created a proclamation that celebrates the important work school nurses do everyday. Distribute it in your classroom and discuss what is written. You can find it to print here.

4. Letter to the Editor

Come together as a group and create a letter to the district's local newspaper that details why you appreciate the school nurse. Let students as well as parents and teachers contribute their own anecdotes about how the school nurse has helped them and write it into the letter. Start early so you have time to revise as a group, and give your school nurse a framed copy of the newspaper page when its printed.

5. PTA Breakfast

Parents can also contribute to celebrate the role of the school nurse in keeping their kids safe by hosting a Parent-Teacher Association sponsored breakfast in his or her honor. Use this as an example of how to set it up. 

Compiled by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor