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American Labor Day: Lessons and Resources


Work! Work! Work!
In 1894, in attempt to please the hard working people of America, President Grover Cleveland declared the first Labor Day. Today Labor Day is typically viewed as the last celebration of summer. Join Education World as we celebrate the history of working men and women and their contribution to our great nation.


Labor Day Internet Scavenger Hunt
Do you know who is honored on the first Monday in September? In this Internet Scavenger Hunt, students learn about the history and meaning of Labor Day activities in the United States.

Great Sites For Teaching About... Labor Day and U.S. Labor History
Labor Day is much more than the end of summer. It is a holiday unlike most others, honoring not public figures or war victories but the everyday worker. To commemorate Labor Day, Education World has found some of the best World Wide Web sites about the history of the holiday -- and labor -- in the United States.

Create Your Own Business
Students learn to work in cooperative groups to create their own businesses.

Never a Dull Moment: Growing Up In Colonial America
How has our worked changed? Exploring life in the Colonial Days will give your students an idea of of what the "work week" used to be like.

Twelve Great Lessons for Teaching the Great Depression
The workforce of America had little to celebrate during the Great Depression Era. These lesson plans focus on the plight of workers after Black Thursday.


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