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Free Ways to Engage Students in Computer Science for Computer Science Education Week

December 7-13 is Computer Science Education Week, and there are many different kinds of resources out there for you to utilize in the classroom to emphasize the subject. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a science teacher- many of the activities have ties to subjects like social studies and art, too.

Hour of Code,

As one of the most participated-in Computer Science Education Week events, Hour of Code sponsored by provides students with an hour of coding that includes tutorials for every age and skill level (ages 6-108, as the website says.)

A major plus is that Hour of Code also genuinely interests students because of its use of Star Wars, Minecraft, and Frozen in its tutorials.

More than 190,000 learning events in over 180 countries have been scheduled through Hour of Code, and you have until the eleventh to join, too.

See more at

Hour of Code, Khan Academy

Also participating in the Hour of Code idea is Khan Academy. Through its website, the company offers activities for different ages and grade levels that include drawing with code, learning how to make webpages, learning SQL, and more.

Check out Khan Academy’s resources

My Robotic Friends, Thinkersmith

Not every school has the same technological access that other schools do. For some schools, providing a device for every student to participate in coding tutorials can be a challenge in itself.

My Robotic Friends is an activity that is completely technology-free that still teaches students the important skill of learning the connection between symbols and action, the basis of learning how to code.

Check out MY ROBOTIC FRIENDS Traveling Circuits lesson plan  

For Repeat-Hour of Code Participants

If you’re a teacher who has already participated in Hour of Code before, you might be looking for more advanced lesson plans to have at your disposal. has compiled a variety of teacher-led lesson plans that include all subjects and grade levels for more veteran teachers to try out.

When All is Said and Done, Create a Press Release

After you and your classroom have participated in Computer Science Week, raise community awareness by creating a press release and sending it out to your local media.

By doing so, you’re likely to attract interest and help in investing in computer science in your school for the future.

Here are some valuable tips on How to Write a Press Release

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor