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Discovery Education: Technology Lessons For Grades 6-8

Discovery Education and the Discovery Channel provide a useful organized list of professional development tools for all grade levels.

This week, we’d like to focus on grades 6-8 and the resources that exist for teaching technology. Clicking on this main link will bring you to a search page where you will find 52 great resources that give a wide range of both general and specific content supporting grades K-12. Mixed in with this K-12 content are specific tools particularly geared for middle school educators, and we've highlighted some phenomenal ones below:


Invention: Computer Technology: This is a lesson plan that has students examining inventions and how they change the way we live.

The Ups and Downs of Technology: In this lesson plan, students will discusse the features of, problems with, and solutions to Citicorp Center in New York City. It follows the same outline as the lesson above and asks students to create a visual timeline of the history of skyscrapers.

A Sense for Technology: This lesson combines American Sign Language with computer and Internet access. It’s set up as a scavenger hunt, where students look for 10 different words related to sign language.

Robots: The Robots lesson examines modern technology and how it relates to medicine. Students will be able to explore how robots aid disabled human beings.

Three Gorges: The Biggest Dam in the World: This lesson explores how the Three Gorges Dam works and how it benefits citizens in China.


These five lessons touch upon many important aspects of modern technology. Not only will students reflect upon computer technologies, but other aspects of the technological world that have helped to shape modern society.  Each link includes supports around lesson specifics like objectives, materials, procedures, adaptations, discussion questions, evaluation, vocabulary, extensions, suggested readings, and links for classroom use.


Article By Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor.