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CUE EdTech Professional Development Summer Camp Opportunity

If you’re a proactive educator who is always interested in learning about the newest education technology that exists and how you can use effective new tools in the classroom, the CUE Rock Star SummerCamp for teachers might be just the opportunity you need.

CUE is a company that aims to inspire innovative learners and among some of the services that they provide includes a summer camp for teachers who are looking to learn about the next level of education technology.

The camps are called CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp and they run through New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, California and Nevada.

Teachers who want to, “take instruction to the next level through the latest and greatest technological tools, theories, and practical applications, learn more about how tech integrates into the common core and connect with other educators,” are among those who are welcomed to attend the camp.

Educators can expect hands on sessions where they can learn from an “award-winning faculty” who are certified in Apple, Google and Microsoft. The camp also contains presentations and demos along with ice cream socials every day.


Testimonials from CUE:


“Everything I've learned here is directly applicable to my students tomorrow! My classroom is going to look completely different!”

“The longer sessions gave much more time to work and create.”

“What passion these educators exude! Great job pumping up the attendees...they should all go back to their classes ready to rock!”

Prices range from $159.00 to $249.00. Some of the sessions have already been sold out but there are still events open that teachers can catch before they dive into the 2015-2016 school year.

There is without a doubt a huge push for digital classrooms across the nation. Teachers don’t have to worry about not being able to keep up with professional development requirements. The summer is a great opportunity for educators to get ahead of the game so they can be ready to dive into their digitally-enabled classrooms without worries or hesitation.


Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor