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Would You Ever Get Rid of Your Desk?


I know some are looking at the computer like it has alien doodads coming out of the top of it, but think about how much space a teacher desk takes up, and how often you use it. Of course, in some schools, the furniture is pre-placed and not allowed to be moved. In others, there may not be a room for a desk anyway. I know there are also some title teachers and paraprofessionals who also do not get the luxury of a desk in a classroom at all.


True story: One year, I worked in an old boys' 10'x14' locker room (with the pipe from the urinals still sticking out of the wall, along with 4 - yes 4 - other staff members. Obviously, I had no desk at all. This post is dedicated to you that share in my pain. :)


So, if you are considering going "desk-less" whether by choice or not, check out this handy solution! Hang up a shoe organizer and you can place most of what was stashed in your desk so that it is on the wall or over a door! All of your supplies that were in desk drawers will fit with no problems in the fabric pockets of the organizer. In fact, I was going to show you more pictures of the items in the organizer, but they were hidden - lol!


To make mine, I headed to Target to grab this super cute and sturdy over-the-door shoe organizer for less than $15. Of course, if you do not have a door, you could easily use the heavy duty command hooks to attach this to a wall. One additional idea is to apply a strip of velcro on the bottom backing of the organizer and attach that to the wall as well if you want it to remain stationary.


After you have your new desk set up, decide what items will go in which pockets, making sure to keep those items that students shouldn't have their hands on easily near the top, and those that are safe, and not used much by you, near the bottom.


For labeling, I just created these super cute jungle themed supply labels (to match my newjungle themed items in my store) and printed on card stock. Then, I used a handy paper punch to save a ton of cutting time. Of course, laminating first would also be advisable if that is something you have easy access to. Last, I punched a hole near the top and created a tag from the labels and attached to the shoe organizer pockets with safety pins, that way they are easily changed when I change themes again or if I want to move the contents around. Another option would be to get a clear organizer, but I don't think I would like the thought of anyone who walked into my room looking at my feminine hygiene products or loose change that I toss into a pocket.


You could create organizational "desks" for centers, or even place one near your small group time to place timers, calculators, or other manipulatives inside. The best part? They won't take up floor space in limited areas and can be easily moved when needed!


Do you have a desk? Is it a "must-have" in your classroom? Why or why not?


Enjoy and happy "desk" arranging!


Charity Preston - The Organized Classroom