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Gail Skroback Hennessey taught for over 33 years, teaching sixth grade in all but two years. She earned a BA in early secondary education with a concentration in social studies and an MST in social...
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Using News for Creative Writing-Caution:Duck Crossing!

Current events can be used to not only create an awareness in young people to what is going on around them but can also be used to create some interesting creative writing exercises. I saw this news story and thought it would be great to use for a creative writing exercise.
A farmer in the Chinese city of Taizhou(about 180 miles south of the city of Shanghai) brought traffic to a stop as he herded his flock of 5000 brown ducks down a highway towards a nearby pond where the ducks get a chase to feast on fish. Using just a large cane and another helper~ all the quackers got to their 3/4 of a mile destination unharmed. Pretend to be one of the ducks and tell about your adventure. What did you see~hear~ and think about as you were on your way?