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Samantha Beattie has taught first grade for eight years and is currently teaching a multi-age classroom of first and second-graders. She graduated Nova Southeastern University with a master’s degree...
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Teacher's Domain

Have you heard of Teachers Domain? I stumbled upon it during my search for time elapse videos for the life cycle of a plant. Teachers Domain is media library collection of 1~000 plus videos of public television~ as well as lesson plans~ and resources. The videos are from PBS~ NOVA~ Frontline and a variety of others. Each lines up with national standards.

To use the media library~ you will need to register for a free teacher account. It is easy~ taking just about five minutes to complete. Once you have logged in~ let your search begin! You can search by grade level~ content~ and media type. There are even professional development videos.

I began searching and stumbled upon some great interactive resources to use. The lesson I plan to incorporate into the life cycle of plants is called Exploring Plants. Within the lesson~ there are four different videos to choose from: Sock Plants~ Paper Towel Plants~ From Seed to Flower~ and Fruit Wrappers.

I was amazed by the time elapse video From Seed to Flower. I am sure my students will be in awe. I expect this video will generate a great discussion on the life cycle of a flower. I also found Plants in Motion~ which is another time elapse video of the plant life cycle.

Fruit Wrappers is a Curious George video that explains the importance of fruit coverings. It begins with a cartoon and leads into a classroom discussion of plants.

Paper Towel Plants and Sock Plants will show your students how to grow a plant using two different sets of materials. The students will get a kick out of the sock plants. I will have to keep this one in mind for next years unit.

I cant wait to see what other goodies I find on this site!