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Talks With Duncan

Since Arne Duncan took over as Secretary of Education~ his YouTube channelhas uploaded more than 450 videos and counting (currently 462)~ which follow many of his television spots~ speeches and school appearances and address some of the tough questions he regularly receives. Lately~ he's been bouncing around the country talking to educators and the public at both K-12 schools and institutions of higher education~ all in an attempt to better understand the issues with which many teachers and administrators struggle. His talks showcase a wide range of opinions from every level of education~ while also revealing the struggles and triumphs involved in reforming an outdated education system for a 21st-century economy. Many thus far have called for more arts programs~ which have been proven to boost student test scores and grades across the board. Some put an emphasis on pre-K education~ and others advocate for closing the achievement gap. Some highlights can be viewed below.

Secretary Arne Duncan Meets With Students From Charles Hart Middle School

In this video~ Duncan talks with students at Hart Middle School in Washington~ D.C.~ about their experiences with community violence and guns.

Secretary Arne Duncan talks with Teachers at Rogers Heights Elementary School

Secretary Arne Duncan speaks with educators at Rogers Heights Elementary School in Bladensburg~ MD~ about the difficult challenges facing the U.S. education system.

If Secretary of Education Arne Duncan came to speak with you at your school~ what would you want to discuss with him?

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