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Talent: Advice to Teachers from Students

  1. Advice to teachers can come from many sources.
  2. When asking my students to give advice to increase the talents of first year teachers~ here is what they have to say:
  3. 1. Talent-we students know you are talented but we don't know if you care! Show us~ don't tell us. Come to games and ask us about other things besides our homework and other classes.
  4. 2. Talent-we don't need to make every school rule infraction a reason to go to the assistant principal. Talk to us~ correct us~ but don't use a bazooka gun when all you need is to clear your throat~ give us "that teacher look"~ then when we get back to where we need to be~ give us "that teacher smile" again! You really can make our day better!
  5. 3. Talent-we don't expect you to do everything in the classroom by yourself. Ask for help! We like handing out stuff~ running an occasionalerrand~ writing on the white board and fixing things. We really want to think about the classroom as ours too. We like when things are in order too.
  6. 4. Talent-we don't think you have the answers to everything in our world. Let us look up answers on our electronic devices. Let us work in teams and discover new ways of working together. We don't always know everyone in the class; make it possible for us because that is something we can't always do on our own!
  7. 5.Talent-we don't want to get into the middle of adult problems. Don't talk about other teachers and support the principal because some of us know she has been an improvement from the past and she really likes kids. Don't put us on the middle of your problems. If you talk about your teachers and bosses~ we are wondering what you are saying about us! Join us on the "other side of your desk!"