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After 43 years in my chosen profession, I remain excited, alive, and learning! From an active Twitter Account to blogging, from teaching Constitutional Law to Pre-AP English, from a national winner...
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Talent: The "4 H" Requirements

As a teaching Head of High School, I seek the wisdom of those around me to nurture my spirit and feed my soul. We need this "food" to sustain a service-centered heart in teaching and leading. My colleague, Jane, so nurtured and inspired me yesterday; and, as a kindergarten teach and a teaching Head of Elementary School, she asked all of us to consider developing our talent in four ways:

  1. 1. Honesty-As difficult as it can be, we must be honest with ourselves, our colleagues, and our students. Start with the understanding that we all care deeply about our work and seek support and feedback to grow. It is hard to be a trellis if you can not have the strength to support yourself. Say "I am sorry" when you make a mistake, and repair relationships every time you have the opportunity. Our work is not easy and relationship needing tending always!

2. Humility-As we face the school day's joys and defeats, remember to give thanks for your mistakes. As we nurture ourselves with forgiveness when we make an error, we have the power to watch othersgrow and the power to pull the weeds from their egos too. Support in all things requires humility and the understanding that we will make errors and survive!

  1. 3. Humor-As we work in schools, a sense-of-humor is a sense-of-balance! I know that humor is my sunshine in many situations that could otherwise cause my heart to cry. We work in an environment that requires us to see possibilities. Laughter and perspective is our sense-of-humor finding its sense-of-place! Laugh everyday!
  2. 4.Help-As we grow, we learn to ask for help more easily. I wish my young colleagues would ask for help more often. Those of us with 15 plus years of experience are eager to assist. While we make this work look easy, we know from our own sense-of-balance, teaching is anything but easy! Help is our human need to create community; ask for help!
  3. Thanks Jane for the wisdom of a kindergarten teacher in a world of cynics! I wish more kindergarten teachers ruled the world; it would be a kinder place of honesty, humility, humor, help and grace!