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Sometimes Teachers Wonder

Dear Mrs. Tuttingsgood~

Thanks for the extra time you spent with me on my spelling every Tuesday and Wednesday after school this year. The tootering really helped a lot.

This poem is based on a letter that my wife received many years ago. It had us laughing for hours. I still laugh out loud every time I think of it. Fortunately~ she was his math tutor.

This poem is excerpted~ with publisher permission~ from Lifes Literacy Lessons~ by Steven L. Layne (Stenhouse Publishers~ 2013). The book retails for $15 and is available on the Stenhouse Web site. Stenhouse publishes professional development books and videos by teachers and for teachers. Their titles cover a range of content areas -- from literacy and mathematics to science~ social studies~ the arts~ and environmental education -- as well as a variety of topics~ including classroom management~ assessment~ and differentiation.

Have you tutored students~ or provided them with additional help~ only to find that the information didn't stick~ for whatever reason? Share your stories with us!