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Samantha Beattie has taught first grade for eight years and is currently teaching a multi-age classroom of first and second-graders. She graduated Nova Southeastern University with a master’s degree...
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Resolutions for 2013

As I was reflecting on 2012~ I thought about the professional goals my administration set for this school year for me. The goals for myself are not ones I would have selected. My administration looked at my past evaluations and beginning of the year data~ and based my goals on those two items. Now~ if I had been asked~ I would have given myself different goals.

I have decided that since it is a new year~ I am going to do just that and make resolutions pertaining to my classroom. These are the things I now see as the most important goals to make this year less stressful and academically successful for this group.

1. Greet my students one by one at the door every morning with a smile or a hug. I know many teachers do this~ and I hear about how it sets a positive tone for the day. This will be my priority going back to school next week.

2. Re-teach and maintain consistency with classroom and behavior management.

3. Take the time to stop and really listen to my students.

4. Spend a few minutes each day with the one student who appears to need it the most that day.

5. Stay positive and encourage my students to do their very best. Create an environment where they encourage and support one another.

6. Push the standardized testing to the back of my mind~ and do what I do best- TEACH.

7. Write at least two positive notes home each week.

8. Make at least two positive phone calls each week for my challenging students.

9. Plan and use my time wisely; both for prepared lessons and planning time.

10. Remember I love my job each and every day.