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Site Review: School Transportation News

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Content:  School Transportation News, a monthly news and feature magazine serving the field of pupil transportation, offers STNOnline as its digital home.

Design:  The site follows the stock format of most news sites—a primary scroller with surrounding content blocks. The layout is clean and the scroller is fluid, giving the user just enough time to consume the text before bringing up the next story.

The main navigation bar across the top of each page offers diverse choices without being overwhelming. The article pages are nicely laid out and feature minimal advertising. One minor criticism is that the in-story images could be bigger.

Review:  School administrators naturally have a keen interest in student transportation. Fortunately for them, there is STNOnline. Here principals, superintendents, BOE members and others can keep abreast of school transportation developments.

Timely and informative articles cover nearly every aspect of this unique industry. Readers will find stories about grants to clean up and replace outdated diesel school buses as well as articles discussing the latest in school-bus evacuation drills.

In addition to topical news, the site offers valuable administrative resources such as blogs on legislative updates, and sections dedicated to fleet maintenance, operations and safety.

Bottom Line:  Administrators don’t have the luxury of taking student transportation for granted. For that reason, they will appreciate STNOnline.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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