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Site Review: Donors Choose

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Content: functions as a go-between for teachers looking to fund specific class projects and those who would be willing to donate toward their cause. 

Design:  The site is very simple in its design, which is advantageous, since anyone visiting is either looking for funding or a project to fund. The focus is clearly on generating donations; the most prominent navigation tool is the “Search Project” button.

Review:  From a donor standpoint, it was incredibly easy to find a project and support it. The navigation for selecting a state, city and school is very easy to use. Knowing that I wanted to donate to a specific school in western Pennsylvania, it took three clicks to discover that the school in question did not have any projects currently seeking funding. Two minutes later, I was able to identify another school and had made my donation. is slightly trickier to navigate if you are a first-time teacher user. There is no clear navigation leading to an area for posting your class project request. You must first create an account by clicking on the small “My Account” link at the top of the homepage. From there, you are clearly prompted through the process of creating an account and posting your projects.

The use of social media-type devices such as headshots and profiles creates a bond between the donor and recipient, and the follow-up emails are a nice way to allow the donor to see what his/her philanthropy has achieved.

Bottom Line: is a brilliant way for educators to grow their network of donors and get tangible help that will directly impact students.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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