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In the News:Gustave Whitehead or the Wright Brothers...who was first in flight in the USA?

In the News-Gustave Whitehead is being credited as having the FIRST successful powered flight in history(Bridgeport~ CT~ on August 14~ 1901)~ two years before the Wright Brothers~ by Jane's All the World's Aircraft. Whitehead's craft~ called the Condor~ did two flights on that date. Reaching 50 Ft.~ the distance covered was 1 1/2 miles.

Things to discuss:

1. Do you think that history books will be changed to give Gustave Whitehead credit for what he did?

2. Why do you think this historic achievement didn't get recognized until now?

3. Write a journal pretending to be Whitehead and tell how you felt when you didn't get recognized for your accomplishment.

4. Did you know that in 2010~ the city of Bridgeport erected a memorial honoring Whitehead?

5. Conduct an interview with a two students being the Wright Brothers~ one student being Gustave Whitehead. What might the conversation be when the three first meet?

Did you know that people actually thought that the airplane would have not real purpose? Less than 10 people showed up for the Wright Brothers attempt to make history on that December 17~ 1903~ morning. Check out my information on the Wright brothers at my website:

Read more about the news story at this link: