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Money Saving Strategies for Schools

Editor's Note: This week's Pulse blog comes from Fatima Haris~ an educator in Pakistan.

Less is More

It is very important that we reduce our expenses in schools. Instead of the fancy soft board displays~ we can use recycled material. In my school~ the same displays are rotated on different floors so that cost is cut down while maintaining the quality. There is no compromise on the quality of service rather more time and energy is spent on each child by giving individual focus so that the child emerges as a confident learner.
Sports days (aka field days)~ if observed as annual get togethers~ yield satisfaction to parental community as the majority of students are involved. Also it's more budget-friendly than theatrics where costumes and set ups have to be extravagant making it not so financially viable.

Publishing of news letters~ an expensive exercise~ has become outdated and E-newsletters with detailed and colorful displays can keep the parents better informed and the entire school community is given full coverage as no cost of photography or printing is involved.

Finally~ using the latest technology is a sure advancement for all. In a very short time and without spending on circulars and worksheets a child can enhance and enrich his knowledge through e-mails~ wikis~ blogs and online programs on teaching and learning.

Fatima Haris is a educator at The City School in Pakistan~ Sindh; Karachi.

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