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After 43 years in my chosen profession, I remain excited, alive, and learning! From an active Twitter Account to blogging, from teaching Constitutional Law to Pre-AP English, from a national winner...
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Heralding: Tweet with Kindness

  • I appreciate and applaud Twitter! It is timely~ relevant~ appropriate~ and inspiring. I am engaged in a world of visual beauty~ stunning quotes~ and inspirational lives. I am introduced to art history~ architecture~ gardening~ piano lovers~ harp players~ dancers~ educators~ business people~ photographers~ and military serving us in war struggling areas. Twitter invites me into new conversations~ provides me with learning opportunities to share with my students~ and allows me to publicly applaud their authentic work. Twitter is one of my first morning rituals; it is my source of morningprayers~ inspirationalverses~ and praise for the new day ahead of me. I think of it as my mini family album which I catalog to meet my many facetted interests.
  • I enjoy teaching students and colleagues how to use Twitter for searches; I giggle when I show students the power of "hashtags" in learning~ contests~ and crowd sourcing; and~ I applaud faculty conversations on professional development issues as they ask each otherand experts questions about pedagogical interests. It is indeed a powerful tool.
  • And~ like fire that brings heat~ cooks food~ and provides entertainment~ Twitter has a dark side. Warning colleagues and students about getting too close to that flame is also our responsibility. My professional and student guidelines are simple:
  • 1. Be appropriate in your content-is this how I want to be remembered if I never post another Tweet?
  • 2. Be relevant in your thinking-is this what I want to be known for if I never post another Tweet?
  • 3. Be kind in your thoughts especially when angry~ alone~ or hurt-is this what I want as my legacy if I never post another Tweet?
  • 4. Be upbeat in your communications-is this the joy that my life can offer to the world to improve it if I never post another Tweet?
  • 5. Be inspirational to those who are younger than you-is this the role model I want to be to those who watch and appreciate my talents?
  • 6. Be helpful to those who follow you-as a leader of those following you~ is this the "model you" if you never post another Tweet?
  • The world needs the post positive version of you! Don't back down from that ideal on Twitter!