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After 43 years in my chosen profession, I remain excited, alive, and learning! From an active Twitter Account to blogging, from teaching Constitutional Law to Pre-AP English, from a national winner...
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Heralding: A New View of School Culture of Action

  • Culture is encouragement! Culture is value added action! Culture is a composite of our actions! While our school like all others is not perfect~ we strive to maintain a culture of learning and encouragement for all who enter-students~ parents~ leaders and faculty. If not us~ than who else can create such a culture?
  • As the leader of the high school~ I am very aware of the balance this philosophy takes to maintain its authenticity~ tenacity~ and veracity. Authenticity means that every student has something to contribute. Others call this "school pride" an almost antiquated term referring usually to spirited sporting events. For us school pride is celebrating the adventures of the technology team and their wins~ the group achievements of thebasketball teams and their wins~ the excitement of the Mu Alpha Theta Club and its upcoming ventures and the new Constitution Club's successful grants. Each student has a home in our school with an adult advocate eager to find or create that special place for her or him! Creating belonging means everyone belongs here! Welcome!
  • Tenacity is all about maintaining your values when all around you are grabbing at any old thing that is in vogue. Modeling respect means siting down face-to-face for the praise and the hardship of difficult conversations. It means apologizing when needed and moving on when necessary. These values should guide our everyday human interactions! Hard and time consuming work within a busy day of meetings~ schedules~ classes~ and conferences. Parents need it~ students want it~ faculty ask for it and administrators are exhausted by it; compassion in conversation takes work!
  • To be truthful is also to be kind. While we know this~ it is often a difficult ideal to engender and inspire in others. Giving students and faculty the freedom to explore and interact in non-traditional ways takes courage. Our head of school knows that delicate balancing act and instills it in us as we "let our students fly" to know heights every day. Be the leader who is the change and forms the school culture essential to our future!
  • Begin re-creating your school culture today for consistency~ purpose~ and meaning for all who enter!