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Steve Haberlin is an assistant professor of education at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. He holds a Ph.D. with a specialization in elementary education from the University of South Florida. His...
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The Gifted Gauntlet

I am thinking about trying the following idea:

Set the room up like a maze or gauntlet~ using curtains~ sheets~ etc. My students then have to navigate the maze and pass a series of tests before preceding to the next section. I want to set the tests up so they test students on nationally established standards for gifted students~ like determining their strengths and choosing the learning style that best works for them.

I would have parents help adminster the tests and keep the students on track. Also~ I could assign the tasks in advance~ so the students could be thinking about how to approach each task. If I really want to get crazy~ I could create deadend paths~ where a parent is waiting to shoot the students with crazy string!

Let me know what you think.