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After 43 years in my chosen profession, I remain excited, alive, and learning! From an active Twitter Account to blogging, from teaching Constitutional Law to Pre-AP English, from a national winner...
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First Day of Spring: Get Busy

It is the first day of Spring! Get busy!

Here is my "To Do" List.

1. Clean off the top of my desk! Simplify the piles!
2. Clean out the old journals and extra copies of everything; I don't need them! Toss them and simplify winter clutter!
3. Sharpen the pencils and toss out the pens that have run dry. Do I really need this many?
4. Toss out all the old whiteboard markers that aren't crisp enough to be seen and clean off thecrumbs on the ledge from weeks of dry-eraser swipes!
5. Straighten-up my book shelves. Put a "give away" table in the hall for spring break reading!
6. Take myself out for lunch like an adult somewhere next week! I feel better already!
Happy Spring!