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Gail Skroback Hennessey taught for over 33 years, teaching sixth grade in all but two years. She earned a BA in early secondary education with a concentration in social studies and an MST in social...
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Even Candy has a History!

I love history....always have~ especially world history. Unfortunately~ kids don't always see the excitement in history. Maybe~ showing that history is all around them~ even in CANDY~ might be a way to spark an interest in the subject.

Marshmallows date back to 2000 BC in ancient Egypt and King Tut's Tomb contained licorice! Did you know that the earliest "lollypop" was probably eaten by prehistoric people that placed honey from a bee hive onto a stick? Did you know that candy caneswere originally just WHITE in color and originated in the country of Germany?

Try this fun/informative webquest on the history of Candy: