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Energy Crisis: February in the Classroom

  • Every academic knows that in February there is always an energy dip in the classroom that has nothing to do with the temperature outside. It is all indeed part of the circle of life in a school. I~ as the senior administrator and teacher~ am trying to combat that dip by sparking a new day for professional development.
  • With students enjoying a long weekend on the slopes~ visiting college campuses~ or whatever they are doing to refresh themselves~ our professional work day will be altered with peer-to-peer research~ teaching and learning experiences~ and big ideas. Sectioned in five sessions as follows~ the day will be packed with energy and choice.
  • 1. Session One- Teachers-Helping-Teachers is an opportunity to use the education camp ideas. Teachers for an one and half having the choices of learning peer-to-peer is an exhilarating way to showcase talent~ get feedback from colleagues and enjoy a late start on a cold morning.
  • 2. Sessions Two- Spiritual Engagement is an opportunity to discuss the research colleagues are completing or starting in their own spiritual development in a myriad of topics. Discussions planned thus far range from formal research papers to motivational texts and how those texts are refreshing an individual's life.
  • 3. Session Three- Lunch with a motivational leader eager to make people laugh~ cry~ and learn as a team. The hot catered lunch is always a bonus on a February day.
  • 4. Session Four- Our Lower School Head will talk to the entire school about the research she is completing on boys. The pre-school-upper school will share and discuss this important topic. This all hands-on-deck will guide inter-departmental conversations.
  • 5. Session Five- Will invite the entire staff to the Upper School Head's Socratic Seminar room for a research-based article-centered Socratic conversation about racial identity!
  • Should be a great way to boost a February staff development day!