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After 43 years in my chosen profession, I remain excited, alive, and learning! From an active Twitter Account to blogging, from teaching Constitutional Law to Pre-AP English, from a national winner...
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Effort: The Ultimate Gift of a President

  • The assassination of a president is always a shock to its people. As we mark this 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, I am asking my students to:
  • 1. remember the legacy of all assassinated presidents by listing a few of their accomplishments in office
  • 2. consider what causes a nation to mourn the loss of a fallen leader and the efforts made on behalf of our nation
  • 3. evaluate how we are different because of unfinished presidential terms
  • 4. imagine how we could be different if the assassinated president had completed his term
  • 5. create a legacy list that the assassinated presidents would be proud to accomplish in today's world
  • 6. pray for leaders in Washington, DC regardless of their party