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After 43 years in my chosen profession, I remain excited, alive, and learning! From an active Twitter Account to blogging, from teaching Constitutional Law to Pre-AP English, from a national winner...
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Effort: The Flipped Classroom

  • As a teaching head of high school~ effort is the key educational psychology concept I teach students early in the new year. As an essential component in understanding attribution theory~ students are drawn to the ideas surrounding their efficacy. The flipped classroom is in my judgment part of the efficacy of self determination and a partner to understanding individual effort and talent.
  • In a recent article by Katie Lepi~ "What Is A Flipped Classroom?"~the author attempts to address the question why and what.
  • Why:
  • 1. improve studentinteractions
  • 2. improved retention
  • 3. improved test scores
  • 4. improved attendance
  • 5. improved content
  • 6. improved personalization
  • What Teachers Think:
  • 1. improved grades
  • 2. improved person-to-person relationships
  • 3. improved learning by students
  • 4. improved use of class time
  • 5. improved student attitudes