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Gail Skroback Hennessey taught for over 33 years, teaching sixth grade in all but two years. She earned a BA in early secondary education with a concentration in social studies and an MST in social...
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Earth Hour is coming

Earth Hour is coming. Here is a way to participate in developing environmental responsibility and awareness that climate challenges facing our planet need to be global. In its 6th year~ people around the world are being asked to shut off electric lights and other electrical devices for one hour on March 31st. Begun in New Zealand~ it is estimated that over 135 countries around the world will take part this year.Landmarks such as the leaning Tower of Pisa~ the Vatican~ the Eiffel Tower~ the Empire State Building and the world's tallest building~ the Burj Khalikfa~ Buckingham Palace~ and many other places around the world will go dark during the 8:30-9:30 PM time period. And~ why stop with being aware of electrical consumption for one hour a year? Do you shut lights off in rooms or unplug electrical devices when you aren't using them?Check out the official site~ https://www.earthhour.org/ to learn more about the event.

1. Perhaps have kids look around there house and make a list of all the things that are "plugged in.
2. Discuss "vampire energy"~ appliances that are plugged in that still use power. Have students draw vampire posters with a message about what this power is and a specific appliance that may be quietly using power in the off mode.

These sites are helpful:
http://www1.eere.energy.gov/kids/smart_home.html( ways to save energy)
http://www.touchstoneenergykids.com/facts.php (facts about energy)
http://www.touchstoneenergykids.com/fun.php (activities)
http://www.energyquest.ca.gov/saving_energy/index.html (informative energy saving information)

Hope you find this of value:
http://www.gailhennessey.com(website for teachers/young people)