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Book Review: Digital Storytelling Guide for Educators

Title: Digital Storytelling Guide for Educators~ by Midge Frazel. ISTE~ 2010.


Description: Midge Frazel brings the craft of storytelling to today's classrooms with her Web 2.0 walk-through Digital Storytelling Guide for Educators. The title helps teachers support students as they use current technologies to build the skills they'll need to conquer multimedia presentations in college and eventually~ the workforce.


Digital Storytelling encourages students to work in teams~ using tools that are either free to download or already installed on most computers. Because these tools are simple~ students learn the nuts and bolts of telling digital stories~ without being overwhelmed by too many features. In addition to covering the details of production~ Digital Storytelling offers tips on making presentations run smoothly. This is a nice resource for students who might be first-time presenters.


Digital Storytelling covers the topic well and provides many recommendations and explanations of digital tools appropriate for K-12 use. The book is a quick and easy read~ perfect for busy teachers who lack time for professional development.


Bottom Line: While not definitive~ Digital Storytelling Guide for Educators can help educators teach students to effectively and creatively use text~ music and videos to author digital presentations. The links provided in each chapter~ along with the grading rubrics and discussion topics~ support 21st-century classroom instruction. Since the book's publisher is The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)~ its content aligns with National Educational Technology Standards (NETS).


About the Author: Midge Frazel is a technology consultant and presenter specializing in education. She teaches workshops for educators and has authored eight other professional development books.


How to Purchase: The book retails for about $22-$32 and is available on The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Web site.


Article by Jason Cunningham~ EducationWorld Social Media Editor

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