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Banning Dodge Ball?

Banning Dodge Ball?

A New Hampshire school district has banned the game many of us grew up playing and probably supervised during recess as adults. The school board felt that the game~ which involves human targets~ is not appropriate. Some people are calling the decision ridiculous. Others are saying it was the right decision.Here's my humble opinion.

Although dodge ball was something I used to play(after my favorite-kickball) and as a teacher~an activity I used to supervise during recess~ I DO agree that perhaps we need to rethink some of the things we do at school and the game of dodge ball is on this list.

Kids CAN get hurt with a rubber ball(and not a nerf ball) that is usually used. Dodge ball has also been linked to bullying with some students targeted for being hit. Also~ the less agile students who fair poorly in dodge ball are often teased. Do we as educators need to encourage such an activity during school hours?

So~ personally~ I think the New Hampshire school district made the right call on banning activities such as dodge ball from their campus!

What do you think?