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Steve Haberlin is a Ph.D candidate at the University of South Florida, where he also works as a teaching assistant, supervising and teaching pre-service teachers. Steve holds a master's degree...
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Awesome Slideshows!


I want to share this website for creating really nice slideshows in a short amount of time.

The site is www.animoto.com. It allows you to create up to 10 minute slideshows that include photos~ videos and music. It's easy for students to learn~ and best of all it's FREE!

When you pull up the site~ scroll down to the bottom of the page where it reads "education." Click on that and sign up for a free account. You will be provided with a password for your students to use to log in. My only criticism of the program is that when you sign in ~ or change your account~ it is difficult to find your student password number so make sure to write it down the first time.