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After 43 years in my chosen profession, I remain excited, alive, and learning! From an active Twitter Account to blogging, from teaching Constitutional Law to Pre-AP English, from a national winner...
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Action: Peace on Earth

  • May your holidays be bright! It has been a steady march to this point in our academic calendar. Be kind to others and yourself as you depart school for the holiday season. As the students say~ "Chil-lax!"
  • Use your holiday to:
  • Reflect on what you have learned about teaching-forgive students and yourself for misunderstandings and errors in judgment~
  • Remember that we are all human-forgive others and yourself~
  • Reconsider what students are learning-forgive others for their gaps and as well as your own~
  • Recommit to your optimism-forgive the human condition in others and yourself!
  • Peace on Earth begins with peace within! Peace to you!