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Steve Haberlin is an assistant professor of education at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, and author of Meditation in the College Classroom: A Pedagogical Tool to Help Students De-Stress, Focus,...
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30-Day Challenge

I have an idea I want to share that I think would changea school'sculture forever! And it wouldn't cost the government a dime.

Forthirty straightdays~ educators at schools across the country would take on a challenge to do something positive at their school. It could be tobring donuts to their students~ leave a good jobnote for a colleague~ make a positive phone call to a parent~wear roller skates and skate down the hall...you get my drift.

Everyone tries to give some positive energy~ to do some small actthat raises the enthusiam at your school~ makes someone else feel good. It wouldn't take much time~ just a little different perspective. As a teacher~ I know we are all overworked and underpaid~ but it just takes a little thinking out of the box to transform a school culture into a place that everyone wants to be.

Imagine a school were in one single day~ a radio DJ gives a shout out to the kids~ a principal skates down the halls passing out candy~ a teacher nominates another teacher for an award~ a cafeteria worker bakes some cookies for the ladies in the front office~ the students surprise the custodian with Starbucks--all in one day~ what a place that would be to work.

I would love to hear your comments on the 30-day Transform School Culture Challenge. Better yet~ join me in taking the challenge. Even better than that~ join me and pass this message along to someone else.

Have a blessed day~